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Unmarshal is a multi-chain Data Infrastructure providing simplified access to data on DeFi, NFT and Metaverse.

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We started Unmarshal with a vision to bring composability into web3 and making the experience as seamless as web2”
Manohar Kolagondanahalli Founder & CEO of Unmarshal


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Unmarshal is a Decentralized network of blockchain data indexers and transforming tools

As the crypto world growing, lots of on-chain data are generated and we all need the easiest way to query data from different blockchains. We are glad to work with Unmarshal to explore how to provide on-chain data more efficiently and safely for StaFi rTokens product. At the same time, we will also cooperate on providing the on-chain data querying tools about StaFi network and rTokens to our community.

Young Liam CEO, StaFi Protocol

Unmarshal is paving the way for new on-chain analytics needed by Fuse and other blockchain companies in order to continue to learn, grow, and provide top-tier feedback and experiences for users. The tracking of the cross-chain bridge is the first step of a long-lasting relationship between the Unmarshal and Fuse ecosystems.

Isaac Rodgin BD Director at Fuse

Unmarshal is solving important problems for Developers and allowing Dapps to build superlative DeFi and blockchain experiences for their users. We're excited to have Unmarshal onboard to help scale Ethereum with Polygon.

Sandeep Nailwal COO and CoFounder, Polygon

A comprehensive and interoperable data layer will enable creative developers to advance the financial system beyond its current limitations. The collaboration with Unmarshal will accelerate the pace at which Elrond value and data will become a critical part of the new global economy.

Beniamin Mincu Elrond CEO

Unmarshal addresses a specific but key facet for DeFi applications - blockchain data indexing. Its variety of blockchain indexers makes it easy to query data across different chains. Its rich solutions will be beneficial for investors, exchanges, wallets, and DeFi protocol. We're glad to be assisting them in creating smart contracts easily with our one-click wizard.

Anand Kamath CEO of DeFi Wizard

We are excited to partner with Unmarshal. We have been using Unmarshal's rich data to power our interface to fetch data across multiple blockchains such as BSC, Polkadot, and Stafi etc the developer support and the turnaround time is quick and we look forward to add more endpoints as we expand to other blockchains.

Ravindra Kumar CEO of Frontier

We are delighted to support Unmarshal in bringing their rich data APIs to the Algorand ecosystem. The ability to have rich, contextual and reliable data available to application developers will further enhance the power of the Algorand blockchain to create the next generation of finance that will bring blockchain technology into the mainstream.

Sean Lee CEO of Algorand Foundation

Pandora uses Unmarshal API to index and curate NFT data in a single dashboard. Rich data experience will help users make better decisions while making the trade for Real World and digital asset NFT. Developers can deploy any kind of NFT dapp using Pandora stack integrated with unmarshal API with just a few code lines. I appreciate Unmarshal team’s effort and firm support for helping us to make this a success.

Pushkarr Vohra CEO of Pandora

Unmarshal is a decentralized network of blockchain data indexers. We are happy to join forces with Unmarshal to create data integrity verification technology and bring trusted, reliable data access to the ecosystem of Web 3.0 networks and user owned decentralized applications.

Milana Valmont CEO & Founder

We are excited to have Unmarshal on board to build up data integrity verification services which bring important, reliable data access to PolkaCover. Unmarshal tackles a crucial aspect of DeFi applications - blockchain data indexing. The tracking of the cross-chain connection is the first step to a long-lasting affiliation between the Unmarshal and PolkaCover.

Kunal Sadani CEO of PolkaCover

Unmarshal provides reliable data infrastructure that we at MoonTools are excited to utilize and power our tools.

IO BD from Moontools

We're excited to work with Unmarshal on establishing an interoperable decentralized data network for UnoRe's reinsurance protocol. The partnership will enable our platform to interact with traditional insurance partners and address critical issues regarding privacy and compliance measures.

Sujith Sizon CTO of UnoRe

The integration with Unmarshal helps developers quickly deploy cross-chain apps using the Public Mint blockchain,“Added to the existing roster of blockchains supported on Unmarshal’s platform, its users will have nearly complete coverage of the blockchain ecosystem.

Jorge Pereira CTO and founder of Public Mint

We’re excited to join forces with Unmarshal. With the integration of Unmarshal’s APIs, users will be able to track their bep20 wallet assets in GoSwapp along with their transaction history.

Adam CMO of GoSwapp

Unmarshal is a reliable infrastructure provider in the ecosystem that is capable of delivering streamlined data from different chains. It's a pleasure to partner with them to drive our products.

Nam Nguyen COO of Gourmet Galaxy

I have used many different blockchain data aggregators in the past. But I'm sure I'll settle for this now.

Sebastian Pape & Alexander Paul founders of DePay

Unmarshal's multi-chain index protocols are a massive addition to the Bird infrastructure. We’re happy to partner with them to catalyze our data service offerings.

Daniel Founding Member of Bird.Money

We are very excited to be shaking hands with UnMarshal to make blockchain technology easily accessible for developers. Given the complexity of blockchain technology, it takes a lot of time and energy to be able to catch up with such a new field. Thus, with UnMarshal's multiple data avenues, application builders will be able to get access to a wider and more secure selection of data, pushing their development process faster.

Long Vuong CEO of TomoChain

This partnership with Unmarshal will help bring multiple features on Oddz which will help our users manage their trades and show great insights. Looking forward to integrating them on our platform.

Aishwarya Shivakumar Co-Founder and CEO, Oddz Finance

Providing maximum value to both our IDO projects and participants is a top priority for Polkastarter. The integration with Unmarshal will give both parties meaningful data that they can use to plan their IDOs, further improving the experience for all Polkastarter participants.

Daniel Stockhaus Co-founder of Polkastarter

Being a multi-chain platform, we need continuous access to on-chain data for our operations. Unmarshal makes it really easy to access & index this data.

Dr. Thuc Vu Kambria Co-founder & CEO of kambria

Unmarshal offers a brilliant set of data tools to fuel DeFi applications. This partnership couldn't have come into being at a better time for Asva. We are adding cutting-edge functionalities into Asva Finance DeFi aggregation engine and Unmarshal will play a key role in fetching relevant data for our product functionalities. I am positive this partnership will empower our mutual networks.

Mallikarjuna Naidu CEO of Asva Labs

We're thrilled to be collaborating with Unmarshal, which offers fascinating features and excellent data from several blockchains. Providing us with considerably faster and more dependable access to on-chain data. I am certain that this partnership will benefit our mutual network.

Mehdi Suleman Founder and CEO of TribeOne

We are thrilled to work with Unmarshal to Structure and Optimize our Data Network as we continue our growth in the blockchain space through Ethernity Chain Authenticated NFTs.

Steven D’Agostino CMO Ethernity

Serving data from the blockchain to developers and their users is a major problem, along with the complexity in transforming that data into a format that is easy to use and understand. Unmarshal's API endpoints to query data will greatly reduce the friction that currently exists.

Aravindh Co-founder of Arcana

We are excited to partner with Unmarshal to provide Unmarshal community a gasless trading and farming experience.

Ramani Ramachandran CEO of Dfyn

This partnership with Unmarshal is a crucial one as it will help Unreal FInance query multiple blockchains effectively and achieve its goals of providing immediate liquidity to locked assets.

Ishan Garg Founder and CEO of Unreal Finance

Our partnership with Unmarshal has been an absolute delight. At Obvious we rely on Unmarshal to provide us consistent up to date indexed data on various chains that we support. Unmarshal has provided us that edge to quickly iterate on our offering.

Jebu Co-Founder and CTO, Obvious

Team Members

Unmarshal is a Decentralized network of blockchain data indexers.

Brian D. Evans
Philip Arthur Moore
Shiva Kumar
H G Abhishek

Our Roadmap

Unmarshal is a Decentralized network of blockchain data indexers and transforming tools to power DeFi applications on any chain

Q1 2023

  • - AI: Unmarshal Sakhi — blockchain data chatbot
  • - New APIs for account abstraction projects
  • - Parser rebranding
  • - Improve Analytics Readiness
  • - Chain support — Cosmos
  • - Parser Notifications

Q2 2023

  • - Support for Polygon Supernet
  • - Unmarshal Grants
  • - Unmarshal academy V2
  • - AI: Marsh-GPT — Beta*
  • - Unmarshal Chain — Testnet
  • - AI: Unmarshal Sakhi launch for Parser
  • - Unmarshal enterprise solutions for private chains

Q3 2023

  • - Chain insights extended to all chains
  • - Unmarshal Chain — Mainnet
  • - Unmarshal enterprise solutions extend to para chains
  • - Wallet score analytics caters to a wide range of dApps like quest
  • - Unmarshal Mainnet launch

Q4 2023

  • - Index 5 ZKP chains
  • - Oracle support for parser
  • - AI: Marsh-GPT launch on Mainnet
  • - Build to Earn — Hackathon
  • - Parser alerts and monitoring framework
* $MARSH utility product/feature


Unmarshal is a Decentralized network of blockchain data indexers