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What is Sakhi?

Sakhi is an intuitive and refined smart contract search engine that you can communicate with in natural language, just as you would on Open AI’s ChatGPT. It uses the power of NLP and AI to assist in intelligent, automated data discovery.

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What kind of Queries can I ask Sakhi?

With Sakhi, you will be able to ask any type of smart-contract related query and results will be in the form of lists.

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Leverage the Power of AI & NLP

How does it Work?

To start with, Sakhi will work hand-in-hand with the Parser and act as a tool to fetch quick insights related to your indexer. No need to enter long and time-consuming SQL queries. Even dashboards and contract analytics can be created with a simple natural language search query.

More to come!

Eventually, Sakhi's ultimate objective would be to allow users to traverse the full blockchain, rather than only indexers provided via Parser. We are really happy to present this revolutionary change in how users engage with blockchain.