DeFi Data APIs

High Performance APIs to power your Applications.

APIs to fetch Multi-chain Data for Token Assets, Transactions and Token holders and more.

— Multi-chain Support —

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Unmarshal is a Decentralized network of blockchain data indexers.

Token Balance API

APIs to track every single token in the wallet with its price and USD value including the price movement.

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Transactions API

With best in class decoding, conveying the entire transaction in a single line description.

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Details API

Get every detail of transactions including price at the time of transactions, token transfers and receipts.

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Profit & Loss

Track the gains or losses for each token in your wallet to better understand your portfolio.

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Tokens API

Search from thousands for tokens in fractions of seconds including Symbol, logo, total supply etc.

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Price API

Get real time / historical prices for every token listed on your favourite DEX.

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Unmarshal is a Decentralized network of blockchain data indexers.

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