World's first Decentralized
NFT Indexer

Unmarshal NFT Network Ecosystem

Who can become an indexer?

Apply Here
  • If you have good knowledge of blockchain data querying
  • If you’re willing to bet a minimum $25000 worth of MARSH tokens
  • If you can meet the hardware requirements:
    • Minimun of 2-core machine
    • Minimum of 4-GB RAM
    • Minimum of 100-GB ROM
  • If you can keep a continous uptime of 24hrs/day, 7 days a week

Why become an indexer?

Become an integral part of Unmarshal ecosystem
Build your DeFi network and learn about intriguing projects and a chance to serve them
Expect to make a fee for each query you serve to Unmarshal’s customer
Gain a great deal of staking rewards

Next Steps

The listed are the steps to become an indexer.

Apply Here
Step 1
Application review
Step 2
Shortlist applicants
Step 3
Webinar on how to run the indexer
Step 4
On-prem SDK Installation