Smart Contract Indexer

Index, Analyze, Search, and Notify smart contract data on 20+ chains with zero-code.

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Build dapps that you’re proud of.

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    Enter your smart contract address and select the chain to get all of your on-chain data accessible via SQL. Enhanced with off-chain data.

  • 2
    GraphQL Access

    Beautiful Easy access to your data from anywhere through GraphQL APIs.

  • 3
    Analyze and Monitor

    Build out beautiful internal and public dashboards, save and share queries.

  • 4
    Get Notified

    Get Notified each time there's an interaction with your smart contract.

Trusted partner for your Dapp product journey

Hosted service Parser will take care of running a node / indexer / Metabase on your behalf. Just click some buttons, sit back and relax.
Multi-chain support Curate smart contract data from multiple chains to accessible from single portal.
Plugins Integrate off-chain data such as token details, price, NFT metadata to make your data more frontend ready.
Cloud function Write simple functions to add aggregated tables or custom columns.

Quicker GTM, like never before

95% reduction in the time
90% reduction in the Effort
Building analytics dashboard is 95% easier
80% cost reduction on initial setup cost and 60% reduction in recurring cost

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